Offseason Fishing Travels

 As many Tower Rockers know, the Tuhy brothers and TRL guides spend much of their offseason exploring new exotic fishing areas. Most recently Mike, Mark, X, Big Game, JP and Isaac are fishing a wide variety of exotics in Thailand. The highlight: nailing Arapaima and Giant Mekong Catfish on the fly! Needless to say, heads began to turn  when the fly began out-fishing the local’s bait! Good work men!isaac-mekong

  Giant Mekong Catfish have been caught as large 646 lbs!



Arapaima are native to South America and have tipped the scales just short of 500 lbs!


Another South American native (the fish that is), the Amazonian Redtail catfish has been featured on shows such as Jeremy Wade’s “River Monsters.”

Meanwhile, Dirty Joe has sticking to the saltwater for most of the offseason. A trip south of the boarder to Mexico produced eight different saltwater species including this Roosterfish. Cocka doodle-doo!image1

We will be revamping our blog and fishing reports this year, so subscribe and stay tuned for the latest from the best fishing lodge on earth!


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